Designer, artist, and human working to

create what others want and need in the

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From childhood to the professional world, I haven't stopped working on my creative skills.

Growing up in Gainesville, FL, my life was consumed by endless art projects and horseback riding until I first encountered graphic design in high school. My first real taste of design was in 2015 when I competed to create an equestrian-themed beer label for a company called Edge Brewing Barcelona. When my submission was selected and I saw my first real design work on a case of beers I wasn't even allowed to drink yet, I knew I wanted to be a designer in addition to being an artist.


I started my undergraduate experience in 2018 when I was admitted to the College of Design at North Carolina State University as one of 28 accepted graphic design students. As a graphic design major, I cultivated skills in brand, interface, experience, and print design through studio, typography, and design history courses. In addition to my graphic design curriculum, I expanded my education by participating in the University Scholars Program, the NC State Entrepreneurship program, and the Industrial Design program. I also held leadership positions as an ambassador for the Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs as well as the Vice President and President of the Hunt Seat Equestrian Club at NC State. Outside of being a student and club leader, I also managed my own freelance business and pursued contracted work with local design agencies.

My work inside the classroom has been recognized by the the faculty as well as outside sponsors. In 2018, my FYE studio project was selected to be featured in the College of Textiles yearly fashion show, Art to Wear. In 2021, my industrial design project was selected by the senior studio sponsor, Eastman Chemical, to be featured in their social media initiatives for promoting sustainability through material innovation. Finally, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my BA in Graphic Design and a 3.96 GPA in December of 2021.

Work Experience

One of my first extended work experiences was with a Gainesville creative agency called Collective & Co. from 2018-2019. While I had originally worked with this group as a part of my high school senior project, I returned as a contractor to create brand systems for their clients as well as the agency itself. In 2019, I shifted to working as a contractor with a Raleigh agency called Paradigm that focused on creating brands and products for startups. I jumped very quickly into working on not only client work, but also project management and creative consulting. While working in a fluid role within the small agency, I learned how to communicate with clients, set up projects and timelines, manage other designers, and lead marketing initiatives. In late 2020, I decided to leave Paradigm and work on my own freelancing business as well as work with a startup personal branding agency called Logos Productions. After first creating their entire brand system and website, I've worked with Logos as the lead design contractor from the fall of 2020 until now. Outside of my work with these agencies, I have run my own independent freelancing business, Sarah Boon Design from 2018 to the present to produce brand systems, websites, app interfaces, books, and more for over 20 different clients.

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Brand, Product, & Systems
I create unique brands and products as well as expand existing design systems.
User Experience
I curate engaging and meaningful experiences for digital platforms as well as physical spaces.
User Interface
I research, test, and design interfaces for all kinds of digital platforms including websites, apps, and more.
Art + Illustration
I use a variety of physical and digital mediums to create artwork for everything from books to murals.
Photo + Video
I shoot, edit, and curate photos and videos to tell stories about people, brands, and initiatives.
Animation + Production
I assist in editing processes by producing effects and motion graphics for videos.

I want to work with you to create a beautiful world.