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Embracing all things creative & quirky

Logos Productions is a media and personal branding agency lead by entrepreneur and comedian, John Giuffre. Specializing in producing and marketing brands for internet content creators like podcasters, performers, artists, and entrepreneurs, Logos works to help systematize how creators articulate and promote their messages for the world. I started working on this project in 2020 by defining a brand that reflects the main goal of Logos Productions: embracing and promoting creativity.

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By starting with a series of intense brand sprints, I helped articulate the intentions for the brand outside of just being "quirky for quirkiness sake." Logos is theatrical, ostentatious, edgy, and unapologetic. The brand foundations I created, including a color palette, typography system, digital asset library, and logo, work to showcase how Logos aims to embrace all other content creators who aren't afraid to be more "out there."

The Logo

A symbol of both elegance and mischief, the fox is the heart of the Logos identity. I designed this logo identity to serve as a clear summary of Logos characteristics and values: cleverness, ingenuity, playfulness, sophistication, individuality, and beauty. Both logo marks and the word mark were also designed to adapt to different contexts by masking different images and textures. With the form of the logo as a constant and the fill of the logo as a variable, the mark showcases how Logos adapts itself to the creativity of its clients while still remaining distinguished and unique by itself.

The Website

The website was designed to showcase the Logos brand without sacrificing user experience or limiting the overall presentation of the brand characteristics. Every page is intentionally loud and distinguished from expectations for other agency sites.

The Podcast

"Making a Scene" was created by Logos Productions with the intention of featuring creatives and their ideas about their work, message, and vision. I created social media templates, thumbnails, and the identity mark for the podcast using vectorized characters from host John Giuffre's handwriting.

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